Tusch! Einhändig!
Posted October 12, 2009

Wimperntuschen. Das klappt jetzt locker mit links. Ohne rechts. Denn nun gibt es etwas, was der Hersteller "Die erste signifikante Innovation auf dem Mascara-Markt seit Jahrzehnten" nennt, nämlich:

Eine Einhand-Mascara. Entwickelt vom kanadischen Kosmetik-Unternehmen Belvada. Warum wir das brauchen? Die Vorteile, so Belvada, lägen auf der Hand: Bei Zweihand-Mascaras* gelangt durch das Auf- und Zumachen Luft in den Farbcontainer. Dadurch trocknet die Wimperntusche aus, wird zäh und klumpig. Die Bürste der Einhand-Mascara hingegen gleite so perfekt aus dem Behälter, dass sie genau die richtige Menge Farbe enthält und garantiert keine Klumpen mitbringt. Außerdem enthält die Belvada-Tusche Wirkstoffe, die das Wachstum der Wimpern unterstützen, und obwohl die Formel wasserfest ist, läßt sie sich mit lauwarmem Wasser wieder entfernen. Na denn.

The First Retractable Mascara
by Makeup Maven
Posted Monday, July 13, 2009

It's happened ladies...the mascara has been improved upon yet again, but this time your wand isn't shaking or spinning...it's retracting! It's one of those inventions that makes you say "why didn't I think of that?" Just pop off the top, stick on onto the bottom of the tube so you don't lose it, twist up the wand and apply your mascara. The nice part about a retractable mascara is that air and bacteria can't get inside and it will actually last you longer and keep in cleaner. It's a genius idea that may change the face of mascara forever...

Eye Spy
Posted July 10, 2009

The one product that we absolutely never leave the house without applying is mascara. Seriously, our lashes need to be sufficiently blackened, lengthened, and separated before we hit the road.

And with all of the random oscillating and polymer-coating mascaras out there, we were shocked that it took so long for someone to come up with this awesome one-handed mascara applicator.

We haven’t tried it yet, but we’re totally loving its pen-like structure.

The cap can be put onto the end of the wand, and the brush appears when you move a tiny slider. Plus, it’s designed so that air can’t get into the container so your mascara stays clump free and fresh for a super long time.

And really, no one wants to search the floor of their bathroom for their mascara cap that always manages to roll away the second it hits a flat surface.

Mascara Noir is made by Belvada and will retail for $25 when it hits salons later this month.

Beauty Byte: Apply Your Mascara With One Hand With Belvada
by BellaSugarUK
Posted Friday 10 July, 2009

Cool beans — there's a new mascara on the market and this one you can use from start to finish with one hand! Montreal-based beauty company owner Dov Grossnass spent the past two years developing Mascara Noir ($25 roughly £16 ), an innovative marker-like applicator that helps eliminate waste and save you time.

The mascara is packaged in a sleek black container with a cap on one end. When you're ready for action, you simply take the cap off and snap it to the bottom of the tube. Then move the slider to the top to reveal the brush. Grossnass said,

"We want to develop small niche products that are original and create real value. The way it’s designed, any excess is easily removed which helps prevent clumping. And because air cannot enter the container, the mascara stays fresh. The pen-style applicator can help achieve much greater control."

Mascara Noir will be available in a few weeks, and later this year we can also expect a concealer and three lip glosses in clear, bronze and pink pearl — all in the same marker-style packaging for easy peasy application. This is a mult--taskers dream come true, however, it's also a bit gimmicky as it doesn't take all that long to put on mascara. Do you think this a product you'd ever buy?