Mascara gets a wand-erful makeover
Posted Friday, July 10, 2009

A mascara’s formula is of optimum importance. If it claims to volumize, lengthen and curl, it better do just that! Belvada Mascara promises and delivers those very things—but that's not exactly what makes it one of the most unique mascaras we’ve laid eyes on (or laid on our eyes).

The box boasts that what you’re about to use is “the evolution of mascara.” But more accurately, it’s the evolution of mascara application. The presentation makes it almost unrecognizable as mascara, but that’s also what makes it awesome. Instead of another wand-attached-to-cap, umpteen-pumps application, Belvada Mascara has you untwist the top, and push the hidden wand up with a slider.

The lush brush is packed with enough mascara to dramatically enhance both eyes’ lashes without dipping in for more. You get more uses and less bacteria, not to mention a gorgeous finish!

A One-Handed Mascara Applicator
We can’t wait to bat our eyes at Belvada’s new Mascara Noir, which launches on Sept. 14. The penlike push applicator stops clumps in their tracks and keeps the formula—fresher.


Posted in October 26, 2009

The world's first pop-up mascara a huge hit in the States evenly distributes mascara (no double-dipping required), so you can hold your mirror while applying it.
Er, why didn’t anyone think of this before? £20,

One-handed wand could revolutionise eye make-up

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Posted December 10, 2009

Belvada, a new name in mascara developed by Dov Grossnass, and HCP USA have collaborated to develop the industrial design and manufacturing technology for the Canadian beauty company’s one-handed mascara.

Belvada’s pen-style applicator features a slider mechanism that propels the brush out through a patent pending double wiper seal system, enabling product delivery without clumping or wastage. Virtually no air is able to enter the formulation chamber during application, keeping the mascara fresh.

The pack boasts a gunmetal finish and a white silk screen printed Belvada logo.