About Belvada

Welcome to the home of Belvada Cosmetics. Belvada Cosmetics was founded with the sole intention of creating and developing true innovation within the cosmetic market. Focused R&D groups spend time listening to what women have to say about existing cosmetic applicators. Recognizing all the advances technology of the 21st century has made, we nevertheless think out of the box. We look for ways to improve the cosmetic experience by creating products that eliminate common problems associated with what is currently available on the market. At the same time we look to introduce new ideas that will actively enhance the overall experience of using makeup.

We are proud to present the NEW Belvada mascara Noir applicator as well as the Belvada Ultimate Lip Gloss Pearl Series.

We are constantly working on new projects and have some exciting products in “the works” which we anticipate releasing within the next six months.

Our greatest inspiration comes from the wonderful comments sent in by you, the consumer. We look forward to getting more of your comments and emails and use them to inspire us to continue our development of new and innovative products.