Soaps 100g
Red Wine Soap: Brewing wine grape pulp contains super antioxidants including SOD that protects the skin and helps it maintain its beauty. Known for its anti-ageing properties, this soap will keep you feeling young and healthy.

Olive Oil Soap: This beautiful smelling soap is gentle on sensitive skin. It leaves the skin feeling moisturized and will help control secretion of sebum. It is perfect for keeping light acne under control. Keep your skin looking young while maintaining its natural lustre.

Lavender Soap: The health benefits of lavender essential oils include their ability to remove nervous tension, disinfect scalp and skin and enhance blood circulation. The lavender leaves help exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores.

Gold Soap: This bar of soap is filled with genuine 24k gold flakes that contain rich ions. These can stabilize the skin and promote a healthy glow. It feels as luxurious as it looks and leaves your skin fresh and smooth.

Wheat Bran Soap: The outer covering of the wheat bran kernel contains many beneficial substances for skin care, including ferulic acid and lignan which are effective antioxidants and thus protect the skin against UV rays. In addition, it keeps the skin hydrated, preventing it from drying out. Wheat bran extract, rich in vitamin E, nourishes and protects delicate skin. Wheat particles help lightly exfoliate the skin keeping it vigorous and young.

Bamboo Charcoal Soap: Bamboo charcoal absorbs odors and has many health and beauty benefits for your skin. Bamboo charcoal is an antioxidant that can improve skin through absorption and it will not block pores. It will create a thick lather providing a deep cleanse inside the skin pores allowing them to breathe and keep the skin naturally moisturized.

Grape Seed Soap: Grape seed extracts and oils are rich in antioxidants. They keep skin looking young and help fight free radicals that can age a person's appearance. Delight in the natural fragrance of this soap, knowing it will promote good circulation as well as keeping you fresh and clean.

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