Facial Cleanser

Belvada Touch of Gold Facial Cleanser cleans and exfoliates the face to reveal younger looking and healthier skin. The Gold foil in conjunction with Vitamin E can help create a perfect balance of moisturization and skin elasticity. For perfect silky smooth skin.

Eye Cream

Belvada Touch of Gold Eye Cream helps to moisturize and nourish the skin around the eyes ensuring a fresh look and minimizing signs of fatigue. This can help reduce the look of lines and puffiness as well as dark circles for a smooth younger appearance.

Face and Body Soap

A first for soap, tiny particles of gold foil are clearly seen embedded in the Belvada Touch of Gold Soap Bar. Benefit from all the attributes associated with gold foil and enjoy the luxurious, exfoliating and cleansing feel when washing with this soap. With hints of green tea, peach and apple, you will feel relaxed and refreshed as never before.

Face Cream

Treat yourself to an intense and luxurious hydration experience with Belvada Touch of Gold Face Cream. Feel the opulence of the 24k gold foil being absorbed and worked into the skin. Experience for yourself how this product can help diminish the appearance of discoloration and wrinkles for a glowing and healthier look.

Touch of Gold Skin Care | Gift Set

Belvada is proud to present its latest innovation in Skin Care; Touch of Gold by Belvada.

Gold and beauty are words that work well together. But in this case (and excuse the pun) it is far more than just skin deep. Gold has a long history of association with skin care; Cleopatra was rumored to have used face masks made with gold to ensure flawless skin complexion. In ancient China, gold was known to be used to keep skin healthy and fresh.

The reason why gold has stood the test of time is because of the many curative factors associated with it. For one, gold is known as a strong antioxidant, this will help clean the pores of the skin, flushing out toxins and waste and keeping the body clean inside and out. Secondly, gold is known to be easily absorbed into the skin, and when it penetrates to the inner layers of skin it can go to work by transporting oxygen molecules directly into the skin influencing cellular functions and circulation. Through this increased circulation, the proper flow of moisture and nutrients through the skin’s layers is maintained. Lastly, gold is also known to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, an essential component in keeping skin cells plump and firm - which helps eradicate fine lines and wrinkles in the skin’s surface.

At a time when gold is breaking records every
day as its price climbs to all time highs,
pamper yourself with the luxury of pure
gold on your skin (you won’t
have to break the bank

Price: $488.98